Call for Proposals for Pre-Conference Workshops

The Call for Pre-Conference Workshops has closed. For other session proposals deadlines view the call for proposals page

ICED 2017 is seeking proposals for preconference workshops. We encourage submissions that explore the theme of the conference “Institutional Change: Voices, Identities, Power, and Outcomes.” We encourage a variety of submissions in order to build a portfolio of workshops with diverse representation in topics, nationality, and institutional affiliations.

Preconference workshops will be offered on June 5 in 3 hour slots (9-12 and 2-5). Workshops offer an opportunity for hands-on work on a question, topic or method and for sharing multiple perspectives. They can include a brief introduction by the presenters, but the main goal of the session is the active engagement of participants with the content through structured activities.

Workshop proposals should be in the form of an abstract for publication (max 100 words), as well as a detailed workshop proposal (500 words max plus references). The proposal should include a rationale for the submission, theoretical frameworks used, empirical methods used if relevant, and results and significance on the field. Finally, the proposal must include intended outcomes for the session, and an engagement plan with description of the planned activities and time allocated to each.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Does the proposal address issues related to the conference theme/sub-themes?
  • Does the proposal build on existing scholarship in the field?
  • Does the proposal explain and motivate the theories and/or conceptual frameworks used?
  • Does the proposal explain the research design and/or methodological approach?
  • Does the proposal contribute to advancing the field of Educational Development?
  • Does the proposal include a plan for audience engagement?

Relevant Dates

Sept 1:             Preconference workshop proposals due

Sept 15:           Preconference workshop notifications

Oct 1:              Preconference speaker confirmations due