Antony Aleksiev

Senior Educational Development Advisor & Director of Taught Programmes in Learning and Teaching

Queen Mary University of London

GB United Kingdom

<p>I am an educational developer based currently at Queen Mary University of London. I joined Queen Mary's from the University of Exeter where I led an initial professional development programme in learning and teaching that was mandatory for the 300-400 graduate teaching assistants a year recruited by the university to teach across all subjects and programmes. At Queen Mary's I lead three such programmes that cater to the full spectrum of staff who teach, from new and established academics to teaching assistants and professional services colleagues. I have a background in Biosciences, having held a senior lecturer post in Ecology and Conservation and conducted research in social insect behaviour. My primary interests in education research include measuring the impact of engaging in educational development on the quality of academic practice, evaluating the effectiveness of learning resources for face-to-face and distance learning on learning and teaching programmes, and developing measures of learning gain.</p>