Delphine Wante

coördinator educational development

vives university of applied sciences Belgium

BE Belgium

Staff member educational development and professionalisation.

2001-2012: lecturer teacher education and innnovation coach

2012-present: coördination department of educational en professional development. staff member.

Our focus is on developing curricula en instructional design, implementing new teaching methods, learning materials and assessments. Our department promotes blended learning en student centered teaching design.

I am passionate about learning and development. My mission is to make learning environments exiting and catching. My topics of interest are: instructional design, blended learning. workplace learning, teacher education, talent based learning and learning organizations. Helping people to develop professional knowledge and experience and using their personal talents and passion as a starting point is a challenge. Always looking for new tools to enhance this: e-learning, portfolio, alternative assessment, reflection techniques ...

Author of books about education and learning environments