Eunifridah Simuyaba

Lecturer, Researcher & Consultant

The University of Zambia

ZM Zambia

Ms. Simuyaba Eunifridah is an Educationist and a Social Scientist researcher currently working as a Lecturer, Researcher and Consultant in the Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies (EAPS) at the University of Zambia. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education Administration and Economics from Beijing N. University. She authored a number of articles and chapters in books in the field of education administration. Her main research areas include Education Management, Educational Policy Analysis, Cross-cutting Issues in Education; Higher Education policies and practices; Education for Sustainable Development; Education and Democracy. Ms. Simuyaba is currently working on a PhD research project entitled ‘The Role of School Governing Bodies in the Democratisation of Secondary Schools in Zambia, at the University of South Africa.