Jane Fowler

Senior Lecturer

Griffith University

AU Australia

I am a Senior Lecturer and Program Director in the School of Human Services and Social Work at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. I am also a psychologist who has worked for over 20 years in numerous academic and organisational settings. I have applied my PhD and subsequent research on mentoring relationships in national and international organisations by developing and implementing tailor-made mentoring programs and/or providing advice on mentoring and leadership practices and processes. As a consultant for several organisations I have designed and conducted training programs, coached leaders and managers, and worked with a diverse range of groups and teams. I have created, developed and produced a wide range of materials and resources for interpersonal and group work. A particular focus has been on designing and implementing processes to create and maintain effective learning groups and teams. My Groups Work! book has been adopted as a set text by academic and support staff in numerous national and international colleges and universities.