Katrine Wong

Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement; Associate Professor of English

University of Macau

MO Macao S.A.R., China

Katrine Wong joined the University of Macau (UM) in 2008 and holds an associate professorship. In 2017, she took up directorship of the Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement at UM. She teaches in the areas of English Renaissance Drama and Autobiography. Her work on music and theatre includes Music and Gender in English Renaissance Drama (Routledge) and journal articles in Adaptation and Early Theatre. She also works on Macau Studies, research of which has appeared in Macao: Cultural Interaction and Literary Representations (Routledge) and Pacific Affairs​.
Wong is also a classically trained pianist and operatic soprano, holding professional titles of FTCL (Solo Piano) and LTCL (Voice Performance) from Trinity College London. She is Conductor of Coro Perosi of Macao​.