Maria Wennerström Wohrne

academic developer, FD

Uppsala University

SE Sweden

Maria Wennerström Wohrne holds a PhD in Literature and is lecturer at the Department of Education. Between 2011 och 2015 she was part of a project entitled “Reading Fiction in the Internet Society. The Function of Literature in the Personal Development and Social Orientation of Young Adults”, financed by the Swedish Research Council. As part of this project she conducted two large studies where she investigated how young adults relate to literary fiction, and presented the results at for example The International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature, in Montréal 2012, and at the International Conference on Narrative, in Manchester 2013.  She is one of the authors of Litteraturen på undantag? Unga vuxnas fiktionsläsning i dagens Sverige (Literary fiction marginalized? Fiction reading among young adults in Sweden today) (Torsten Pettersson, Skans Kersti Nilsson, Maria Wennerström Wohrne, Olle Nordberg, Makadam 2015). She is currently initiating an explorative project together with TD Johan Wickström about the use of fiction in academic teacher training.