Martin Springborg


Minnesota State

US United States

Martin Springborg is a faculty member in the Minnesota State system, where he teaches photography and art history. He also works in the field of educational development, and has served as a program director for the MnSCU Center for Teaching and Learning. He has written for Minnesota State internal publications on topics such as techniques for the assessment of student learning, teaching and learning with technology, and student engagement in both traditional and online classrooms. His writings and photographs relative to teaching and learning in higher education have also appeared in Thought and Action (2013) and To Improve the Academy (2012 & 2016), as well as in the book Teaching Photography: Tools for the Imaging Educator (2006). Stemming from his work in educational development as well as his work as an educator and practitioner in the photographic arts, Martin is currently engaged in a photographic essay on faculty and administrative work in higher education. More image samples and details on his project Teaching and Learning can be viewed at