Owence Chabaya

Senior Academic Staff Developer

University of Limpopo

ZA South Africa

Owence Chabaya is an Associate Professor at the University of Limpopo in South Africa. She is an experienced  educator, lecturer and researcher who has worked for years as a classroom practitioner, a Principal Lecturer at a Teachers’ College and a University Lecturer as well as a professional development practitioner at various institutions. She is well versed with the theory and practice of curriculum planning, implementation, as well as theories of teaching and learning and assessment. Currently she is a senior academic staff developer in the Teaching and Learning Centre  at University of Limpopo focusing mainly at the professional development programmes for academics in the institution.She has published more than thirty (30) papers in peer-reviewed and accredited scientific journals, 2 books and 5 book chapters to date. Professor Chabaya has, to date, successfully supervised three PhD  and 28 Master’s  dissertations. She also has twenty  five papers presented at national and international conferences. Her research interests are on Professional development, Gender and education, Issues in higher education and Teacher education.  Currently she is an external examiner for PhD and Masters theses eight different  institutions of higher learning.  She has  peer reviewed articles for several  journals. She won TWO awards of the Vice Chancellors Research awards in 2014 as the  Best female researcher at University of Limpopo as well as the Best researcher in the Centre for Academic Excellence for the year 2014. Prof Chabaya is a sub-editor of one education journal .