Sidsel Winther

Sidsel Winther

Special Consultant in Teaching & Learning

Roskilde University

DK Denmark

I work as special consultant in teaching and learning at Roskilde University (RU) at the Unit of Academic Development. I have been working at Roskilde University since 2011 and before this I was working in the Learning Lab at Copenhagen Business School. At RU I teach a course of Collegial Intervision, which is a program for peer observation of teaching and action learning on teachingpractice. In this program we work at cultivating the participants critical reflection skills. I have developed this program continously since I started it at CBS in 2008 and since also at RU. In the collegial intervision the particpants observe each other and hereafter they perform a professional structured dialogue with the aim of being critically reflective about ones own practice.

Besides the program in Collegial intervision I am the program convenor of our program for program convenors and a program for research project leaders.